Getting Started

Getting up and running with the Oval Builder.

Connecting to Oval as a searcher is designed to be simple. You simply add a new RPC to your builder config, send your bundles to it, and nothing else needs to change within your code. The Oval Node, which exposed a standard builder RPC, can be found at:

To this endpoint you can send standard eth_sendBundle eth_callBundlepayloads. eth_cancelBundle and eth_mevBundle are not supported at this time. Bundle structures are expected to be the same as standard MEV-boost eth_sendBundle calls, as documented by Flashbots. Expected payload is structured as follows:

  "method": 'eth_sendBundle',
  "params": [
      "txs": ['0x1234…', '0x4567…'], // Array of signed transactions
      "blockNumber": '0x420', // Hex of target block
  "id": 1,
  "jsonrpc": '2.0',

Note that the canonical structure of eth_sendBundle differs depending on the builder you connect to. If you send bundles to Flashbots via this endpoint they also support minTimestamp, maxTimestamp ,replacementUuid and revertingTxHashes. If you send bundles to Titan then they support the aforementioned as well as refundPercent, refundRecipient, refundRecipient. If any payload is sent to the Oval RPC containing any of these fields the RPC will return an error.

For details on how Oval RPC works and why some parameters are not supported seeOval Node.

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